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Bolshoi’s The Nutcracker


Anonymous asked: how old were you when you lost your virginity? was it to your first boyfriend? I'm conflicted and have been told it's a bad idea but idk...

I was fifteen, and it was to my boyfriend and had been for a long time. It’s all about whether you feel 100% okay with it, as cliched as that sounds, but it’s up to you, it’s your body and your actions so don’t let anyone tell you it’s right or wrong to or not to have sex yet. Either way, don’t be ashamed and when you do have sex, be careful and use protection 👌 x

Sat sipping a TomCollins feeling v made in Chelsea but loving life in Newcastle. Couldn’t think of anywhere nicer to live some times, Geordie lass and proud 🙌 this photo is also living proof of eyebrows are sisters not twins 👭👯

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I follow everyone back!

Do we tell the cute guy that he was in my dream last night as a conversation starter or is that the weirdest and creepiest way to introduce myself?